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Reiki is a hands-on energy therapy that gently nurtures and stimulates the body's natural self-healing processes, unblocking the energy within us to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being.

Reiki treatment is received lying on a treatment table wearing your own comfortable clothes.  A light blanket and pillows will be provided.  The Reiki is received through my hands.  They are simply placed in key positions on the head, front torso and back of the body.

Reiki treats the whole body and goes to the source of conditions - whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - so there is no need to tell your therapist of any specific issues if you do not wish to.  Although gentle and non-invasive, Reiki is very strong and can often be used to treat conditions and injuries when other therapies may not be appropriate or possible at the time.

As a Reiki therapist, I channel healing energy to help clients relax, which in turn encourages the clients own natural self-healing energy to flow - and the healing process begins.

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